Refunds and Deposits


1. The EVVC, will attempt to ensure that neither members who coordinate rides nor members who sign up for rides are “out of pocket” when plans must change. If the club must cancel an event, all monies paid by members will be reimbursed.

2. Members who must cancel their booking for exceptional reasons (illness, family emergency) may apply for a refund only if the member is unable to claim under his/her own insurance. Refunds will be issued on a case by case basis by the coordinator or treasurer in consultation with the President or designate.

3. If a member cancels for other reasons, there may be a portion of the fee which is non-refundable depending on the nature of the trip and commitments the coordinator must make on the club’s behalf. Each coordinator is requested to decide upon deposit and full payment dates and a refund policy which will apply. Much of the policy will depend on the ability of the coordinator to find alternate members or reduce costs. The portion of shared costs which cannot be reduced should form a part of the non-refundable deposit. (eg. A rental van for nine people costs the same as for ten). This policy needs to be posted before any deposit monies are accepted.

4. Refunds of full or partial amounts must be noted in the final financial report.

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