COVID Update - January 18, 2021

Updated March 29, 2021 (added paceline information)

Good News!  Alberta Health Services has loosened the restriction on outdoor gatherings to allow up to 10 people to meet socially outdoors, as of January 18. (with 2 metre distancing of course)  As a result, EVCC will start posting events again for up to 10 people.   

Members will be required to read and agree with these Covid rules each time they sign up for an event, so please read these carefully.    All participants should recognize that following these rules is no guarantee of not catching Covid19 or any other disease.    

There are two main goals for these rules:

1)      Reduce the risk of catching or spreading Covid 19
      Maintain a positive image for EVCC in the communities where we hold our events

We will continue to monitor the situation.   Any significant changes will be posted on the website and communicated by e-mail. 

For All Events

  • If you are supposed to be in self-isolation or quarantine, or are experiencing potential Covid-19 symptoms such as dry cough, fever, fatigue, or difficulty breathing, DO NOT come on an event.
  • Maintain at least a 2 metre physical distance from others at all times (as per Alberta Health guidelines) from the time you leave your car until you are back in it again. 
  •  All participants should bring a mask, latex or plastic type gloves and hand sanitizer, in case of the need to assist another rider or be assisted, or if entering a public building.
  • Coordinators will determine the total number of participants, based on their personal preference and the conditions.    No event will exceed 10 participants.
  • Car-pooling will not be organized or encouraged by EVCC. 
  • If two events are set up for the same route, they will start at least 30 minutes apart to avoid joining up.
  • Always follow current Alberta Health guidelines for Covid-19.
  • Pacelining and drafting activities are discouraged unless riders take extra care to do so in a safe manner keeping the minimum recommended 2 meters distance from others.

Thanks to everyone for your assistance in reducing the risk of spreading Covid-19 and helping EVCC to maintain an image as a responsible organization in our communities!  If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Maria Saley

President, EVCC

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