Real Mexican-Yucatecan Culture

 Mayan Ruins, Cenotes - Underground Swimming Holes,

 Small Pueblos, Colonial Architecture, Art, 

History, Food, Markets, Culture

January 22 - February 7, 2020 - 14 Days, 10 days cycling,  Average day -70 km, Max day 90 km -  Total 730 km

Join us for this Mexican Back Roads tour on the mostly flat Yucantan Peninsula for 730km.  It will be a moderate, leisurely paced, self supported event starting in Merida,  and through small villages, magiclal cities and along the Gulf coast. We will experience the Mayan culture,  the history of the henequen era, climb some  Pyramids and cool off in underground rivers.

  • Westjet offers Calgary--Cancun direct flights

  • Bus transfer to Merida

  • Itinerary & routes organized by guides - Bike Mexico

  • Bring your bike on Westjet in a cardboard box or in a shipping case and store the case at our 1st hotel

  • Carry your own gear in panniers

  • Daily distances vary from 40-70 k, 90 k longest day
  • many stops each day 
  • more info


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