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Calgary, Alberta, Canada


  1. Membership will be granted upon completion of the on-line membership application or membership renewal and payment of the annual fee.
  2. Honorary membership may be granted by the Executive committee of the club to a member or past member for the period to be determined by the Executive in recognition of past services rendered to the Club.
  3. Honorary membership will be granted to members of the Executive committee for the duration of their term in office.
  4. Membership may be revoked by the Executive committee and should this happen such a member will be eligible for a pro-rated refund of membership fees.

Multi-Day Event Payments and Refunds

  1. Multi-day events may be paid on-line or, for some events, by cheque. Cheques in payment of multi-day events shall be made out to the Elbow Valley Cycle Club and delivered to the Treasurer through the Coordinators of the multi-day rides. This policy does not apply to the Golden Triangle where only credit card payments are permitted.
  2. The EVCC will attempt to ensure that members who coordinate rides are not 'out of pocket' when plans must change.
  3. Members who cancel their booking for exceptional reasons such as illness or family emergency may apply for a refund. Refunds will be considered and issued on a case by case basis by order of the Director, Multi-Day Rides.
  4. When posting multi-day rides, coordinators will indicate deposit and full payment dates and the refund policy specific to their ride.
  5. If the Club must cancel an event, for whatever reason, the club will issue a full refund.
  6. In the event that a ride must be cancelled after it has started no refunds are promised.
  7. All tour participants will be responsible for any unexpected expenses that may arise from events such as weather delays, transportation problems or emergency costs.
  8. Surpluses in excess of $25 per person may be returned to the members, or retained by the club for future events.

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