Road Bike Check & Maintenance

  • Thursday, May 02, 2019
  • 7:00 PM - 8:30 PM
  • My place in Marda Loop (address will be sent in registration confirmation email)
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Coordinator: Mike W

Give your ROAD BIKE a safety check.  Maintain, adjust, and repair as required.  Learn how to do it yourself.  I've got a bike repair stand and tools that should handle most maintenance requirements.  Most maintenance can be done without a bike stand using only tools that you (should) normally carry with you on a ride.  We'll start with a short safety/maintenance check that's a good idea to do before each ride, or at least periodically throughout the year.  We'll then address problems that people identify from the check.  We'll fix those that are fairly simple with the tools and supplies on hand.

Due to space and time constraints, I can only handle up to 4 participants plus me, and only ROAD BIKES for now.  If there's sufficient demand, I'll hold additional sessions over the next several weeks. 

Bring your ROAD BIKE, the tools you normally carry with you, any additional bike tools you have at home, and any manuals you have for your bike and its components. If you have a bike repair stand, bring that as well. If you don't have a stand, bring an old rug, blanket, or towel to put on my garage floor, so you can place your bike on it upside down, resting on the handlebars and saddle.

DISCLAIMER:  I've been completely dismantling, rebuilding, and upgrading bikes for many years, but am not a certified bike technician.  You are personally responsible for ensuring the safety and correct operation of your bike.  If you have any doubts about advice received or work done during this session, please have it checked by a certified bike technician.

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