Cycle Around Lake Ontario - counter clockwise (21 days)

  • Tuesday, August 27, 2019
  • Tuesday, September 17, 2019
  • Hamilton, Ontario
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Coordinator:  Beth MacLean

Type of Ride:  21 day tour around Lake Ontario 

Join me on this 1,000 km adventure from August 27, 2019 – September 17, 2019

Notes about the trip:

  •  We will fly from Calgary - Hamilton (West Jet).  Contact coordinator for flight information (each person responsible for booking their own flight).
  • Plan to bring your own bike on flight (West Jet allows) unless you make other arrangements. 
  • Trip will be self-supported, carrying tent, sleeping bag, and personal belongings.
  •  Itinerary is a guideline only, and subject to change based on weather and participants.
  • Canadian side is on bike pathways
  • US side is on quiet side roads.

Participants must have the following:

  • Well maintained bike and helmet (touring bike would be beneficial)
  • Travel insurance and valid passport, as we will be travelling into the USA
  • Must be prepared to attend a pre-trip meeting which will be held in mid August


Day 1:  Fly from Calgary to Hamilton, 55 km

Cycle to:  Jordan Valley Campsite

Day 2:  Cycle to Niagara Falls HI, 66 km

4549 Cataract Ave, Niagara Falls, Ontario L2E 3M2, Canada

Day 3:  Cycle to Four Mile Creek State Park, 35 km

Day 4:  Cycle to Lakeside State Park, 73 km

Day 5:  Cycle to Monroe County Campground, 87 km

Day 6:  Cycle to Cherry Grove Campground, 65 km

Day 7:  Cycle to Selkirk Shores State Park, 75 km

Day 8:  Cycle to Southwick State Park, 34 km

Day 9:  Cycle to KeeWayden State Park, 84 km

Day 10: Cycle to Kingston, 69 km

Day 11:  Cycle to Adolpausville, 59 km

Day 12: Cycle to Sand Bank Provincial Park, 31 km

Day 13:  Cycle to Presquite Provincial Park, 75 km

Day 14:  Cycle to Coburg, 48 km

Day 15:  Cycle to Darlington Provincial Park Camp Ground, 65 km

Day 16:  Cycle to Toronto, 89 km

Day 17: Cycle to Bronte Provincial Park, 60 km

Day 18:  Cycle to Hamilton, 71 km


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