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Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Klimb a Kilo plus or bust

  • Saturday, June 20, 2020
  • 10:00 AM - 2:00 PM
  • Red Deer Lake United Church
  • 8


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ROAD RIDE - LEVEL  moderate - advanced 

Coordinator:  Bill Stilwell

Distance:  66.4 kms

Pace:  10 -50+ kph

Elevation Gain:  1139 meters


In the past this ride of almost continuous hills was used as a primer for the Golden Triangle. This year it can be an opportunity to get some hill training closer to home for future rides in the mountains or just to get a good challenging  ride accomplished while rolling through picturesque countryside.

We will park at the southeast portion of the parking lot at the Red Deer Lake United Church. Please note that access to the church from the east on highway 22X is a short distance west of the church using 53rd St. S.W.  to reverse direction and make a right hand turn into the church lot. ( As you cross to the east bound lane the Tanbridge Academy is immediately accessible. We are not using that parking lot. The map shows the old access road that no longer exists. )

Please park well enough apart that social distancing can be maintained while transitioning from vehicle to bicycle.

Come early enough that we can depart, wheels rolling, at 10 a.m.

Rides with the hills we will be experiencing tend to separate riders. You need to decide your relative fitness so that the amount of passing can be minimized. e.g. if the fittest rider leaves last this would result in that rider having to pass 7 other riders. We are attempting to start so that passing others will be minimized.

However, when you decide to pass check to be sure you can ride in the dual formation required for a short amount of time and with a generous space between both riders. Of course we are all polite so calling out "passing on the left" is de rigueur or ringing your bell well in advance is expected.

When reconnoitering the ride using the map you can see that there are two out and back portions of the ride as shown by the red line route indicator. This allows for 3 locations where your ride can be changed if you want to abandon the kilo plus part of the objective. The first occurs as you return along 112 St and instead of turning left to roll onto 226 Ave. after coming to the stop sign you turn right and return along the route used to get there initially. The second occurs after descending on 274 Ave. and stopping at 192 St. Instead of carrying on straight you turn right and roll along 192 which has a few hills traveling north to highway 22X where you turn right again and return to your vehicle. Similarly, you can proceed to the intersection with highway 22 on the prescribed route and there you turn right and travel north to highway 22X. Highway 22 has a wide shoulder with more traffic and hills are at lower highway standard grades.

Some riders agree that the biggest ( read steepest ) challenge on this ride is the section west of highway 22 which gives you a grade of 18% for a short distance before summiting.

If you alter your route and return to the parked vehicles early please text the coordinator at 403 991-3421 or leave a note under his vehicle windshield wiper noting you have completed the ride. 


Please note:  To cancel your registration, make sure you are signed into the system, click on the "already registered" button, then click the "Cancel Registration" button.  

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