Forgetmenot MTB Loop 45km

  • Thursday, August 20, 2020
  • 8:30 AM - 5:30 PM
  • Little Elbow PRA Trailhead Parking
  • 7


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Coordinator:   Mike W
Type of Ride:  MTB Intermediate/Advanced (long day!)
Distance:  45km
Cumulative Elevation Gain:  1100m
Duration:  5-6 hours moving time, 8-9 hours including stops.
We will regroup at intersections or every 15 minutes.  No one will be left behind.


This is a 45km backcountry mountain bike loop around Forgetmenot Mountain.  It's just east of the Big-Little Elbow Loop.  We start and end at the Little Elbow Provincial Recreation Area Trailhead Parking, located about 500m beyond Forgetmenot Pond, at the end of Hwy 66.  We'll be doing the loop counter-clockwise.  The riding surface is a combination of gravel, dirt, grass, and rock.  It's similar to the Big-Little Elbow Loop in terms of distance and elevation gain, but rougher.  It includes 2 fords of the Big Elbow River:  One at about 5km into the ride and again at the very end of the ride just south of the Big Elbow's junction with the Little Elbow (in order to access the suspension bridge to cross the Little Elbow).  At this date in the summer, the fords should be fairly shallow, but you should bring water shoes to change into for the crossings.  I've researched this route but have not done it before.  You can see a description and photos of the route at  Note that their route includes the Little-Big Elbow loop as well, and they did it as a 2-day trip.  We will not be doing that!

There are no facilities along the entire route.  You'll need to bring all the water and food you'll need for the entire trip.  There will be streams en route for water refills, but it's up to you to determine if and how to purify it.  There are outhouses where we park.

Participants should ensure their bikes are in excellent condition and bring along more drink, food, clothing, safety, repair, and first aid gear than they would normally bring on a short mountain bike ride.  You should also bring bear spray, insect repellent, and water shoes.  We will regroup at intersections or every 15 minutes or so, whichever is more frequent.

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