DIY: Tour de Crave

  • Sunday, July 18, 2021
  • Monday, September 06, 2021
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 Looking for something different and enjoy destination rides? Then this tour is for you. Click on the link to get all the details.  Here is a summary: 

Cycle to all 4 CRAVE locations in Calgary and earn a water bottle and a free cupcake or cookie. I encourage you to wait for a day when the smoke/air quality is below 5.  Your lungs are yours for LIFE!

 Tour de Crave – Crave Cupcakes 

Coordinator: Suzanne C.

DIY: Do it yourself. Organize your own group.  No need to register; instead post a photo and short description in the Forum if you want to share your adventure.

NOTE: Crave stores are CLOSED on Sundays.

DISTANCE: Choice of 60-80km in one day.


Please note:  To cancel your registration, login to the system, click on the "already registered" button, then click the "Cancel Registration" button.  For paid events, including the Golden Triangle, please contact the event coordinator.

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