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Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Klimb a Kilo Plus 2022

  • Saturday, April 30, 2022
  • 11:00 AM - 3:00 PM
  • Red Deer United Church 1 kilometre west of 37th St. S.W. on Hwy 22X
  • 9


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RIDE - LEVEL:  Intermediate/Advanced

Coordinator:  Bill Stilwell

Distance:  64 km

Elevation Gain:  1174m

This ride is intended for riders who enjoy the physical challenge of climbing the multiple gradients and the thrill of multiple descents at speed that are involved and as such this will be a no e-bikes event.


This ride has been well received and currently has 37 participants. So the start has been modified from our normal bunch launch. This will minimize the number of riders needing to pass or being passed and add to the overall enjoyment of the challenge.

Since after the first 2.5 k of flat and a great descent this ride is a continuous series of climbs and descents. I hope only a few passings will need to take place. To accomplish this we will have  a self selection process just prior to commencement so that 3 separate groups of approximately 12 to 15 riders will leave with about 5 minutes between each one. The first group should include those of us who are the fastest riders both in climbing and descending and will be lead by Tanya Colwell. The next group should include all those who will have no trouble finishing but are not necessarily among the fastest climbers. The last group will leave with the coordinator and do plan on taking a more leisurely approach. Depending on the day and the state of the engine ( what strength the rider finds they possess ) may even be considering using a detour to lessen the length and reduce the total climbing. If a rider decides to take an alternate route or wants to rest for a while longer please alert other riders who can pass on that change or contact the coordinator directly.

The ride begins by riding east from the church parking lot along the service road, Spruce Meadows Green, to 96th St. W. in Foothills County Turn right, and proceed south. We then ride the first series of climbs and descend  to a stop sign kitty-corner from Red Deer Meats. Turn right onto 226 Ave. W.  In approximately 1.5 k the road splits with the left arm taking a slow curve to the left on what the locals call Granary Road.

 DO NOT TAKE THIS CURVE!. Instead continue straight to the west by taking the slight turn off to the right. By following this road first it avoids having to take a left turn across traffic while on a curve. This road is called 1119 Dr.W. by the county. This does a few curves to the south and west and includes a long steep climb. When it flattens out look off to the right and view the city far off on the horizon. About 15 k into the ride there is a turn out to the left that provides a great panorama of the foothills. We come back to this spot on the return. Riders often stop for a bite or two here. Next we descend to a stop sign where we cross 192 St. W. followed by another stop to cross Highway 22. We are now on 274 Ave. W. Again another climbing effort is required to get to the turn around where we reach Priddis Valley Rd. leading off to the north. Turn around and retrace the route about 14.5 k where we stop and then turn right to begin the 5 climbs before reaching the stop at highway 549. This is another spot where a pause to refresh can be taken. We retrace the course passing the Granary before taking the curve getting us to the stop across from Red Deer Meats. Turn left (north) and proceed to enjoy the last series of climbs before we stop at the service road and return to the church parking lot.

See map for route and elevation details

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