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Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Zwift - Step by Step Workout (Sand and Sequoias)

  • Thursday, December 08, 2022
  • 10:30 AM
  • Watopia


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Coordinator: Mike Haden

Route: Watopia "Sand and Sequoias" 

Duration: 40min

Workout: Step by Step (40min)

No need to follow me, just join the event through the Zwift Companion app under 'Clubs', 'Elbow Valley Cycle Club'.

This is a group workout event. You can accomplish so much in 40 minutes, and this threshold workout is proof. This session opens with a quick warm up before the main set of intervals. Geared towards each individual's current power level, the group stays together automatically on a group workout. 

For more information and detailed instructions, see our blog page: EVCC Zwift Virtual Rides

Quick instructions: 

  • Register in the EVCC system like a normal club ride
  • In the Zwift Companion app on your phone, join the 'Elbow Valley Cycle Club' under 'Clubs'.
  • Look for the event in the 'Club Events' listing there, and click the '+' sign to join the event. 
  • The ride automatically starts on time, but you can join late if you're delayed.

Please note:  To cancel your registration, make sure you are signed into the system, click on the "already registered" button, then click the "Cancel Registration" button.  

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