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Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Penticton Hub and Spoke - Bob Hallett

  • Thursday, July 11, 2024
  • (PDT)
  • Tuesday, July 16, 2024
  • (PDT)
  • Penticton, British Columbia
  • 7


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Penticton Hub and Spoke Ride [Coordinator: Bob Hallett]

Registration fee: 

$100.00 ($50 non-refundable if registration you cancel your registration)

Multi-day Event Outline:

Join us for two rides around beautiful Penticton!  Then stick around for two more optional rides with participation in the Penticton Granfondo and the Kettle Valley Rail Trail.

Embark on an exhilarating multi-day group cycling event centered around the charming town of Penticton, British Columbia. Over the course of four days, cyclists will explore the stunning landscapes of the Okanagan Valley through a combination of local routes and optional excursions.

The event kicks off with two days of local rides, utilizing a hub-and-spoke format that allows cyclists to return to Penticton each evening. Participants will pedal along scenic country roads, winding through vineyards, orchards, and picturesque lakeside vistas. Each day offers a variety of route options to accommodate riders of all levels, from leisurely cruisers to seasoned enthusiasts.

For those seeking an added challenge, two optional days offer the chance to participate in iconic cycling events. The Penticton Granfondo provides an opportunity to test your mettle against fellow cyclists in a thrilling ride through the Okanagan Valley, with routes ranging from moderate to epic distances. Alternatively, riders can opt to explore the historic Kettle Valley Rail Trail, a scenic route steeped in history and natural beauty, offering a leisurely ride through tunnels, trestles, and breathtaking mountain scenery.  Or you could do both!


Thursday, July 11th 2024

  • Drive to Penticton

  • Check into your hotel/motel/B&B

  • Pick up your Granfondo participation package if you are participating

  • Social dinner and orientation at a local restaurant/pub.

Friday, July 12th 2024

Saturday, July 13th 2024 - Naramata route

  • Local Ride from Penticton to Naramata - 30.9km, 410m elevation gain.

RWGPS : Naramata

Sunday, July 14th 2024

  • Optional ride in optional Penticton Granfondo (I am doing the Velocefondo 120 km distance)

Monday, July 15th 2024

  • Optional Kettle Valley Rail Trail ride

  • 4 hour ride 

  • Leaves from parking lot of Walmart, 2170 Louie Drive in Westbank (West Kelowna) in front of the Garden Centre between 8-8:15 am

  • Information at about trails at BC Kettle Valley Rail Trail

Tuesday, July 16th 2024

  • Drive back to Calgary!!

Additional information:

  • RWGPS Routes

    • Day 1 : McLean Creek

    • Embark on an invigorating cycling journey from the vibrant town of Penticton to the serene wilderness of McLean Creek, British Columbia. This scenic route promises a blend of breathtaking vistas, challenging terrain, and the chance to immerse yourself in the natural beauty of the Okanagan Valley.

    • The route to McLean Creek takes you along quiet country roads and tranquil rural highways, offering ample opportunities to soak in the stunning scenery of the valley. Towering mountains loom on the horizon, their snow-capped peaks providing a dramatic backdrop to the lush greenery that lines your path.

  • Day 2 : Naramata

  • Join us for an unforgettable cycling experience in Naramata, where every turn of the pedal reveals a new and exciting adventure in one of British Columbia's most beautiful regions.

  • As you pedal through the quaint village of Naramata itself, you'll be charmed by its rustic and laid-back vibe.

  • Kettle Valley Rail Trail

    • Picture yourself pedaling through scenic forests, past cascading waterfalls, and alongside sparkling lakes. The Kettle Valley Rail Trail offers a diverse array of landscapes, from towering mountain peaks to rolling hillsides blanketed in wildflowers. As you navigate the gentle slopes and winding paths, you'll be treated to panoramic views that stretch as far as the eye can see.

    • But it's not just the natural beauty that makes this trail so special—it's also the rich history that lines its path. Originally built as a railway in the early 20th century, the Kettle Valley Rail Trail is now a testament to the pioneering spirit of the region. Along the way, you'll encounter trestle bridges, abandoned railway tunnels, and quaint towns that harken back to a bygone era.

    • Join us for an unforgettable journey along the Kettle Valley Rail Trail—a ride that promises to inspire, challenge, and rejuvenate your spirit amidst the breathtaking beauty of British Columbia's backcountry.

  • Spanish Villa Motel where I will be staying

  • Alternative accommodations

    • B&B

    • Campsites

Participant Actions:

  • Sign up via the EVCC website or the Wild Apricot mobile application on your mobile device.

  • Attend the participant planning event which will be via Zoom to facilitate screen sharing to explore the routes.

  • Optionally sign up for the Penticton Gran Fondo through their website.

  • Optionally register for Kettle Valley Rail Trail tour - 4 hour tour.

  • Select and book your accommodations.  Remember you can save a few dollars by bunking up with another member.  We can help you find people to share a room when we have our planning session.

Registration fee:

  • A $100 fee is required to hold your spot and contribute towards the social event and coordination costs.  

Coordinator will be submitting expenses for:

  • Accommodation

  • Vehicle fuel

  • Group meal

Consistent with EVCC policies, surplus money will be refunded or may be donated to the club to offset overall administrative fees.

Cancellation policy:

  • In the event of a participant cancellation there is a non-refundable portion of $50.


Projected participant expenses:

  • EVCC registration fee $100

  • Gas and travel food ~$200

  • Motel/Hotel per day around $240+tax  

    • Example Motel pricing: Spanish Villa Resort $231/night (approximate) for single occupancy.  

    • Bunking with a fellow cyclist will halve the cost!

  • Food and entertainment per day per person $50 - $70

  • Optional Myra Canyon Tours and Rentals $169.00/person

  • Optional Penticton Granfondo (from website)

Name Distance Cost

  • Cortofondo 45km $195.00

  • Mediofondo 85km $285.00

  • Velocefondo 120km $285.00

  • Granfondo 150km $285.00

Please note:  To cancel your registration, make sure you are signed into the system, click on the "already registered" button, then click the "Cancel Registration" button.  

Sharing the joy of cycling in Calgary!

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