A Horse Creek Ride, April 17, 2021 (with apologies to A.E. Housman)

  • Sunday, April 18, 2021 3:10 PM
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    A Horse Creek Ride

    The EVCC rode again 

    Took up their wheels outside Cochrane:

    John, and Jeff, and Laurel and Chris.

    We headed west and didn’t miss

    Grand Valley Road our upward turn

    To give the legs a little burn,

    With nothing in our path today

    But one child’s shoe, a canvas gray

    That caused a melancholy thought

    About that which would soon be sought,

    A fleeting point because the hills

    Reminded us of trainer drills

    That rudely seemed of little use

    As 5%s piled up abuse.

    We forced our way upon each mound

    “What silliness to get around!”

    Yet we’re addicted —sure we are

    Preferring this o’er any car

    (Simply as a note aside, 

    Poetic form requires elide

    And as convention styles the form

    Over to o’er as per the norm.)

    Apologies to Housman’s verse

    His Shropshire Lad is none the worse;

    In doggerel, or equal sort 

    A ride report’s a ride report.

    With tails propelled by strongish gust

    We took the drops and put our trust

    In slope, and line and tires, (one inch)

    And Horse Creek Road became a cinch.

    I might admit we crossed the line 

    Going all out, but I’ll decline

    To say a hammer-fest took place,

    Not out in such a pretty place

    With views of distant snowy peaks

    No mechanicals and no leaks 

    marred the ride. Thus, watered and fed

    Our goal: to catch those guys ahead

    And so they blasted as did we

    Until upon their wheel with glee

    We passed them right before the end.

    Another ride of fun and friend

    To kick the spring along toward May

    With hearts of joy and legs of clay. 

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