Not More Damn COP Hill Repeats

  • Thursday, April 29, 2021 12:40 PM
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    By Phil T (his first essay since leaving since leaving Cert English 1985)

    On a warm wind swept Western Alberta evening , ten tenacious pedal pushing Elbow Valley cyclists headed for the heartbreaking hairpin climb of Calgary Olympic Park , a place steeped in the heroism and history making stories of Eddie the Eagle Edwards and the Jamaican Bob sleigh team . Alas the ski jump is deemed too old to function and luge has met a similar fate, God forbid too old would be an issue for the EVCC assembly of nations ( I counted at least 5 tonight) , some old enough to remember Eddy Merckx , some still young enough to ride like him, that maybe the same person , but the rest of us relied on the words of Baron Pierre de Coubertin and struggled along.

    Heading West along the Bow we struggled against an incessant wind blowing in from the Rockies, a small diversion to the WinSport Arena in hope of meeting some rock throwing heroes (No luck) , till eventually we arrived at the foot of COP , a 100mtrs climb with an average grade of 8% .

    Three repeats minimum we were instructed by our enthusiastic ride coordinator, on we set gradually grinding our way up the hill, one down two to go, and onward we struggled till we met our goal. The West wind weaved its way blowing us up for parts and throwing us backwards in others as it scoffed at our valiant efforts. Eventually we all achieved the target of three, some even doubled that amount , but we all gathered at the foot of hill feeling chuffed with what we had achieved. So onwards to get a photo of us all at the COP entrance with the Cool Runnings Bobsleigh as our little award, alas it is no longer an entity, we made do with a portrait in front of a second rate WinSport collage .

    A wonderful EVCC evening with pedal pushing perseverance personified by one member in particular (with no cleats on), tis but Spring, may the long hot Summer bring many more enormous efforts and not pass you by !!!!!

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    Thanks guys for the fun night out!!

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