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Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Klimb a Kilo - Hills and Thrills

  • Sunday, April 30, 2023 8:13 PM
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    Over 50 riders participated in our "Klimb a Kilo" event on April 29 -- a hill-climbing epic on the Roads to Nepal and surrounding areas.

    So what a day we had. The weather was temperate as expected, the hills were at the elevation as the RwGPS had them displayed. So, all was well for a great day of cycling.

    Then the breeze stage was quickly changed to gale as the riders departed.

    But we are resilient and up we chugged and felt the extra thrill of descending when the wind was at our backs. 

    Since we were spread out some may have missed the following hi-lites / low-lites.

    • When the left crank and pedal dissociates from the bottom bracket it is only the longer uphills that require walking. Well done I say.
    • When it is your birthday and you're hoping to celebrate by traveling 100 k., no problem. With a little drafting help this was achieved. Congratulations!
    • When disc brakes decide to provide additional resistance for the rider, you would assume the ride is harder than you expected. 
    • It is true when a chain gets jammed hard between spokes and large cassette cog, it can become impossible to ride until tools not available on the ride are used to remedy the situation. Bonus, the nice new shiny wasn’t as heavy to carry along the road shoulder as was expected.

    Thank you to all who rode and came back in close to a state of euphoria and enjoyed each other’s company tailgating. I trust smiles were present as dreamland approached.

    -- Bill Stillwell

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